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The WaterWalkerAnthologyProject

Become The Author You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Dear Future Author,

Today you have the opportunity of a lifetime. Today you have the choice to say Yes to your dreams of becoming a published Author.

There is no time like the present to throw off hesitation and doubt to live the life you have only imagined.

My name is Pamela Hart. I am a minister, author, publisher, marketplace dominator, and a healing heart strategist.

I am also known as the #TheHeartMender and #TheAuthorsCoach

Like many people, I wanted to become a published author, to see my name on my book.

I was “Only dreamingabout becoming a published author, but not really believing it.

I didn’t know that there were ways for me to become published without the help of a major publishing company, who of course would never give little ole me the time of day.

I was too afraid to step out of my comfort zone. The real issue…FEAR!

But- I did step out! I stepped out from behind the shield of fear and hired a coach. With Her help, I not only published my first book but have now published my second. You can too!

The Water Walker Group Book Project

I have a writer’s Bootcamp that’s online and a group book project– called Water Walkers Anthology Project.

Why is it called the Water Walkers Anthology Project? Because this is your time to step out on faith, to walk on water.

Water walkers are the women who look around and conquer the challenges they face. They acknowledge their fears, they acknowledge those who would try to destroy their dreams and even acknowledge their limited resources. But in the end, they take the leap of faith and step out over their pain, and their fears, to succeed like never before.

We are all afraid at times, but You can walk out OVER your fear and reluctance to write your chapter in this Anthology-group book!

Don’t let fear hold you back from manifesting your dream. You can become a water-walker today. Are you ready?


I am looking for “YOU” to share your story or testimony with the world. The group book will be both digital and hard copy. You will be able to write your chapter in the book over a 3 month period. Then we will edit the group book over another 2 month period. Expect to write about 3,000 words plus your one page 350 word bio and your professional photo to share with the world.

At the end of this project, you will be a published author in the book alongside other Water Walkers-authors.

You will be able to sell the anthology paperback book to your audience.

Benefits Of Joining This Project

  • Provides Motivation– knowing that there are other writers out there just like you is great motivation to reach for the stars.

  • Sharing ONE of your stories or Testimonies in written form gives you authority on your subject; opening doors to share your story on multiple platforms
  • Offers You Guidance– get what you need to write your story with expert guidance from a published Author.
  • Meet other Authors in this Collaboration and form Deep lasting friendships.
  • Become Free of the emotional pain and stress of holding back years of traumatic experiences inside. Be FREE from secrets, feelings of weakness and failure! YOU CAN GET UP AGAIN.
  • Constructive Criticism-get both advice and feedback that helps you to succeed.
  • Proof of professionalism- proves to other agents that you are a professional, that you are serious and that you work well as a team player with other authors.
  • Get Published– once this project is over you will get to hold your book in your hands!
  • You will be a published Author.


  1. You get 50 copies of the group book, “The Water Walkers-2″ to sell for your own profit. Reorders available for 12 months with a renewable agreement every 12 months. You will receive the 50 books AFTER your balance is paid in full.
  2. ($750 Value- Your Pocketable profit.)
  3. You will receive paid tickets to the 2019 Healing Heart Conference in Wichita Falls, TX October 24, 25th, and 26th with a day for worship, and includes a formal red carpet-banquet and all day Workshop.
  4. The Banquet and workshop Value is ($107.00.)
  5. The Group Book will be presented at the Healing Heart Banquet on Oct 25, 2019 on Friday Night-A Formal Red Carpet Affair.

Your INVESTMENT in this coaching and Writing Author program is only ($1,997) if paid in full by January 25, 2019. The Coaching and Writing Program is VALUED at $9,995.00

If not paying in full by January 25, you have an option of two types of installment plans.

All program investment installment plans must be paid in full within 10 months to 12 months.

Please Pay $200 to hold your Spot by the deadline of January 15, 2019.

The Spots are limited, so your $200.00 will hold your spot.

After paying your down payment, You can then choose to pay your remaining balance by Jan 25th or choose the “Easy Pay Installment plan or the Special Extended payment plan.”

The first installment payment will be due on Feb 10th.

If you choose to pay in full by January 25, we will bless you with a discount of $497.00.

So, if you are paid in full by January 25,

The TOTAL investment will only be $1,500 to become an Author in this Writing Project.

If not paying in full by January 25, all installment payments are due on the 10th of every month thereafter.

All Payments plans must be completed within 10 months.

ALL OPTIONS WILL NEED TO PUT A $200 deposit down. Down payments are non-Refundable. Down payments will be applied to your book publishing program balance.

We also have a 3 payment plan option that will NOT include the “Add On $200.00 installment fee.”

Submit your down payment of $200.00 between NOW and by deadline of Jan 15, 2019 and then Make 3 equal payments: February, March, and April if you are choosing the Easy Payoption to pay your balance in full.

Your TOTAL INVESTMENT IS $1,997.00. ( You will not be charged the extension installment fee of $200 for an installment plan if you PAY your balance within 3 months: ( Feb, March and April, 2019.) IF THE BALANCE IS NOT PAID OFF IN THE THREE MONTHS, the $200.00 fee will be added to your balance.

Everyone will pay $200 dollars down between NOW and the deadline of January 15.

For your convenience we offer the Special Extended Payment option which is the original payment of $1,997.00+$200.00 installment fee extension for an investment total of $2,197.00.


Pay $200 down and then make 10 equal payments of $199.70 to equal a total $2,197.00. Installments start on Feb 10 and ends on Nov 10 for a total of 10 months.

DON’T delay your dreams. We kept your budget in mind with our EASY payment options.

To SECURE YOUR SPOT NOW all writers Must pay a $200 down payment no matter what level of participant you are. Then pay your balance in full on Jan 25, 2019 or divide the balance by 10 equal payments, or divided the balance by 3 equal payments depending on your choice.


The Deadline Down Payment is due by January 15, 2019, However, don’t delay your deposit due to limited openings.

We only have 12 openings. When it’s full, the program closes. So don’t delay your dream.

Email me at

This Writing project starts on Friday, January 25, 2019, with a welcome Webinar.


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Need an Extended pay option? The Extended pay options will include a $200.00 deposit. Your monthly payments will be divided evenly over10-12 months. You may choose to pay your bill off early. The total with your extended pay option wil be $2197.00 which includes the 200 deposit. Your remaining cost wil be 1997.00