Life after heartbreak-21 days become a powerful woman

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After two divorces I was depressed with both low self esteem, and confidence. I felt stuck, unable to go after my dreams. Heartbreak after heartbreak had left me confused and hurt inside. I knew, however, that I wanted MORE.

I did not WANT to give up on ME just because of my ‘Failures’, but I still believed that God was for ME! I decided to get up and change my life. I decided to hire a Coach to help me to move from the life I dreamed about- to the life I am now living.

Life After Heartbreak

Have you lived your life with a broken heart? Have you tried but failed to get over your personal devastation. Your life is what you make of it. You have a choice to move beyond your circumstances, starting today. You can become a powerful woman in your own right. Manifest your the life of your dreams. See your life transformed in UNDER 30 days!  Begin your the journey to life after heartbreak .

Here’s What I Offer

  • 7 Steps to Become a Powerful Woman
  • Get the Strength to Change Your Life
  • Heal Your Inner Pain and Secret Shame
  • Regain Your Dreams and Walk in Victory Daily
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