Everybody in their life time will go through a breakup from a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. So, this is an important subject. How someone leaves us and how we leave another person can cause serious emotional damage or it can become an opportunity to help each person and yourself heal faster. One thing for sure- A breakup will HURT, no matter how gentle it is done.

I want to offer you 5 HEALING STEPS that will help you get over a breakout must faster and with less emotional trauma.


STEP 1- Focus on your new life.

Tell yourself that you are going to be OKAY. Deciding to have a positive attitude and controlling your thought life will enhance your ability to make better decisions. Targeting your thoughts About your new life without your X will help you feel better. You will have to believe that you will be okay. Telling yourself a NEW STORY “ This is a good thing for me and I can try new food, go new places and I can create the life I want.”

STEP 2-Stop thinking about the good times you had with your former lover, your X. Thinking about that person will only make you feel sad, angry or even depressed. By think about the bad or what happen to cause the relationship to break up, will help you GET OVER the break up. When you concentrate on all the good memories: you cuddling together, you eating out, going out to a movie, your love life and all the wonderful places that you have gone together, this will only make you long to want to re-connect to that person.

STEP 3- Go NO contact- STEP 3- Go NO contact-In order to start feeling better in your new life without your X Lover, you will need to GO NO CONTACT FOR AT LEAST 30 DAYS!

Here are the steps for “No Contact”

  1. Don’t text or call your X.
  2. Don’t go on Facebook looking at their Status
  3. Don’t be FRIENDS with your X for at least 30 days, then your goal should then go for 90 days without being “friends.” Your feelings are still too RAW and FRESH to enter in top a friendship. Maintain your Distance.
  4. After you are successful with your No CONTACT FOR 30 DAYS, THEN PROCEED TO 90 DAYS NO CONTACT. By this time, you should be well on your way to getting over THOSE Love Addiction feelings.

STEP 4- Grieve your LOSS-You must face the pain and embrace the pain. Let it be and be determined to PURGE YOURSELF. Crying releasing stored up tension and sadness. Don’t let TOXINS stay in your body or your mind. Many people who have loss in their lives and refuse to show emotions or hurt or pain, become more angry, bitter and resentful. You don’t want this to happen to you. So, Cry! Go ahead and be sad but don’t STAY THERE.

AFTER A FEW DAYS OR WEEKS TO A FEW MONTHS, it will be time to pick yourself up and move forward. Remember, YOU CAN GET UP AGAIN.

STEP 5- FORGET THE PAST! It’s time to Focus on yourself- YES It’S ALL ABOUT YOU! Put that Man or woman behind you and learn, YES LEARN from your experience. There was a reason for the breakup. There was a reason or REASONS FOR THE BREAKUP. Meditate and learn what you can do better. Take some classes on communication and relationships.

  1. Fall in Love WITH YOU! You are so worth it.
  2. Spend time with yourself and spoil your own self.
  3. Get to know what you like and what you don’t like
  4. View the Breakup as an opportunity to create a brand new life and become a stronger person than ever before! YES, YOU CAN GET UP AGAIN AND GET OVER THIS BREAKUP.
  5. Forgive yourself for any wrongs you may have done to cause the breakup. Forgive your X for any wrongs he or she may have done.
  6. Embrace the new YOU. Put a smile on our face and SAY, ‘WORLD HERE I COME!”

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