How To Become a Book Author

Discover the Secret To Writing Your Book FAST

Write the Book You’ve always Dreamed of in 90 days or More!

Yes, you CAN learn how to become a book author-FAST. Not only can you write your dream book, but you can do it Quickly!

LOOK, there’s NO time like the present when it comes to living your dreams. Everyone always thinks they have to wait until the FUTURE to have the life that they dream about.

But Not You!

It’s time to fulfill your dream and write that book NOW. Today you have the opportunity of a lifetime. Not only can you learn how to become a book author- but you can become a Published book author at the end of 90 days! You can say ‘YES’ to finally writing your own book. Today you can say “YES’ to your dreams of becoming a published author. You may extend the writing of your book for 12 to 18 months, if some instances.

Hey, I understand that life happens. Years can go by, and then you look up one day and realize that you STILL haven’t written your book. There is no time like the present. Throw off your hesitation and doubt to live the life only YOU have imagined.

Who Is Pamela Hart?

My name is Pamela Hart. I am a minister, author, publisher, marketplace dominator, and a healing heart strategist. I am also known as the #HeartMender and #AuthorCoach

Like many people, I wanted to become a published author, to see my name on the front of my book. But, I was “Only Day Dreaming” about becoming an author, not believing and taking the required steps that could really make it happen for me.

I didn’t know that there were ways that I could become published without the help of a major publishing company, who of course, would never give little ‘ole’ me the time of day. I was too afraid to step out of my comfort zone. My Real Issue? FEAR.

But I did step out. I stepped from behind the shield of fear and hired a coach. With her help, I not only published my first book but have now published my third. You can too!


Introducing: “Water Walker SOLO,”the writing project that solely focuses on YOU.

Your dreams.

Your book.

Your transformation.

A Water Walker is a person who dares to step out of their comfort zone. Water Walkers explore their possibilities, face their fears and transcend their limits. This Water Walker writing project will give you the ability to do ALL those things- when you take responsibility for your dreams. You are going to write a book. YOUR VERY OWN SOLO BOOK.

From the first moment until the last, you will have my absolute dedication. I and my diligent editors will help you to live your dream.

By becoming an author you will position yourself as a leader in your niche or area of expertise. You will become the influencer whose story can help others overcome their challenges.

You deserve to have your story published and read by people who are waiting to receive the benefits of your experience.

Benefits Of Becoming An Author in 3 to 18 Months.

So there are several benefits of becoming an author of your own book.

  • Provides Motivation– knowing that there are other writers out there just like you is great motivation to reach for the stars.

  • Sharing your stories or Testimonies in written form gives you authority on your subject; opening doors to share your story on multiple platforms
  • Offers You Guidance– get what you need to write your story with expert guidance from a published Author.
  • Meet other Authors in this Collaboration and form Deeplasting friendships. 
  • Become Free of the emotional pain and stress of holding back years of traumatic experiences inside. Be FREE from secrets, feelings of weakness and failure! YOU CAN GET UP AGAIN.
  • Constructive Criticism-get both advice and feedback that helps you to succeed.
  • Proof of professionalism- proves to other agents that you are a professional, that you are serious and that you work well as a team player with other authors.
  • Get Published– once this project is over you will get to hold your book in your hands! 
  • You will be a publishedAuthor.