Healing Heart Conversations-Did you know that:

  • Every 9 seconds a woman is beaten or assaulted in the US?
  • Domestic violence is the principle reason for causing injury to females. It is more than rape, muggings,and car accidents combined.
  • Nearly 49% of single mothers have never married, while 51% are either separated, divorced, or widowed.

If you are a woman who is being victimized physically or emotionally by your husband or a single mother who is continuously doubting whether or not you can raise your children successfully without a husband, then you may have lost all self confidence and given up on life. If so then I’m here to encourage you to GET BACK IN THE FIGHT!

Why Do We Raise The White Flag Of Surrender?

Many times we end up in bad situations simply because we fail to understand the reasons we got to this place. Because of this lack of understanding, we never find a permanent solution to our problems. This leads to the erosion of self confidence and self esteem, and before we know it, we have accepted that this is just the way life is…

It’s Your Choice

You can choose to live out your bad situation or find your way out. Your choice! You can live your life with a broken heart; without hope or happiness, or you can enroll in Healing Hearts Conversations by Pamela Hart and find out how to turn your Breakdowns into Breakthroughs!

Discover the first step to happiness and self confidence

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