GET READY, GET READY, GET READY! YES, get ready and get PREPARED for LOVE. February is the month of LOVE. The energy is high around romance.


Valentines day is a special time all over the world on February 14 that people celebrate LOVE and ROMANCE. Thanks to St Valentines, a Christian martyr that dates back to the 5th century and has origins in Rome. Traditionally, people celebrate this day to share with the people they care about. The “Get ready, get ready, get ready” message was coined by Bishop TD Jakes, senior pastor at the Potters house in Dallas, Texas. He told people to “GET READY FOR WHERE YOU WANT TO GO.” He said in one of his sermons, “Dress like where you want to go and Act like where you want to go.”

Both women and men must be careful with the signals and vibrations we are sending to others that could get us caught up in unhealthy relationships. Inappropriate, abusive and co-dependent relationships usually happen when we are in a hurry to get involved with someone because we are lonely.

I want to encourage you to dream, meditate and create a vision of how you are getting ready for the man or the woman who is COMING INTO YOUR LIFE.

When we know that we have prayed and asked God for a husband or a wife, we MUST stand in faith knowing that the answer is on the way. So, what should you be doing while you are waiting for Mr. Right and Miss right? What kind of man do you want? Some say give me that “Tall, dark and handsome man; the one with the large biceps and triceps. And don’t forget the Stomach Packs- Abdominal Rectus. Or for the men, you may want that woman who is “Fine, foxy, and shaped like a Coke Bottle.”

“Preparing our minds” mentally and spiritually for a relationship is of top priority. So many times we think that we are ready for the lover to come, but we are still angry and mad; upset and bitter over the last broken relationship. Many times, we remain in un-forgiveness and refuse to move forward.

One thing I have noticed since I am a woman myself and I also have the experience from the leadership of my women’s ministry ; woman want to get great counsel from other women. The bible says in fact to seek spiritual council and that the older women should teach the younger women in the body of Christ. So many times, this kind of supportive relationship just does not happen. There are major problems with communication breakdown between the younger and the more mature woman.

So, how do we get advise about that man we want or about the MAN we have now? Yes, women want to know about LOVE, SEX , MONEY AND COMMUNICATION.

How do we as spiritual women obtain our advise? Do we get it from the Plethora of Women magazines on the newsstands or from books on love in the bookstores? Do we sit around the table or get on a hotline to answer our many questions about men? And do HOW DO MEN SEEK the advice about women the desire to have in their lives? Do they continue to have locker room conversations, or converse about women over drinks together or get advise from the Plethora of men magazines as well?

Let me offer another way to get great advice.

The bible shares with us how to be blessed in our lives. We need and desire to be blessed especially when we are praying for a mate or significant other in our lives. in Psalm 1:1-3, TELLS US ABOUT 3 things we “SHOULD NOT DO, AND ONE THING WE SHOULD DO.”

Do you want to know how to be blessed in preparing to get ready for the LOVE IN YOUR LIFE?

  1. God says, “I will not bless you IF you WALK in the council or advise of the ungodly.” When one listens to worldly and ungodly advice, worldly based ideas and worldly opinions to guide one in his/her DECISION MAKING PROCESS, then we need to stop and change our minds about mad advice. When we listen and follow worldly opinions to make decision, we are depending on the “NATURAL Advice instead of the Supernatural advice. If the fad or TREND is to have sex with a man after 3 months and then we follow that advice, that would be following the council of the ungodly.If the fad is to move in to save money with a lover and we justify it because everybody else is doing it and we then follow that advice, then we ARE NOT BEING LED BY THE SPIRIT concerning our love relationships. Who’s advise are you following? Romans 12:2 says to be NOT CONFORMED ( TO GO ALONG WITH the status quo) to this world, but to be TRANSFORMED (AN INNER CHANGE- an example is like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly) by the RENEWING of your MIND… Your mind becomes what you think about and meditate upon.See MY BOOK, CHAPTER 2 of “ 5 STEPS TO HEALING YOUR HEART.” Whatever you feed your mind, you become. Stay out of the CHAT ROOMS TALKING SEXUAL TALK, listening to tempting and lustful conversations. Your desire to have a pure love will cause you to leave the SECRETS HIGHWAYS ON THE INTERNET-( Examples would be pornography and other sites that would lead you to be in the lust of your flesh. ( Lust is defined as: to covet or want other people’s things, other people’s job, food, power and sex) when you are wanting a strong spiritual man or woman.You can only attract who you are. The FIRST THING YOU HAVE TO CHANGE IS YOUR MND if you want to be ready for LOVE. Start thinking How to love- Love is Kind, Love is gentle, Love is forgiving, Love is Faithful, Love is longsuffering. Get ready to Love!
  1. God says, “Do Not stand in the WAY of sinners” This means to DO NOT ADOPT THE “WAYS” of UNGODLY PEOPLE, DO NOT “WALK DOWN THE SAME PATH” AS THE UNGODLY. If we want LOVE IN OUR LIVES- We must stop ACTING with “Hateful Ways”- THIS MEANS STOP having a nasty mouth, stop acting RUDE to people. We can CHANGE OUR ATTITUDE if we want to.You are “PREPARING FOR THE MAN OR THE WOMAN IN YOUR LIFE” by getting yourself READY to love and to be loved.
  1. God says, “Don’t sit in the seat of the SCORNFUL.” This means don’t hang around with BITTER PEOPLE! Bitter people always SEE THE NEGATIVE ON ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. If you want to be a GREAT GIRL FRIEND, OR WIFE-Get away from bitter people. If you want to be a GREAT BOYFRIEND OR HUSBAND, “Remove yourself from bitter people. Negative people will rub off on you and this will influence your decisions, your attitude, and your behaviors. If we become a Negative person who mostly see the GLASS HALF EMPTY INSTEAD OF HALF FULL, we have left ourselves in the situation of NOT BEING BLESSED. We are left unprepared to have a HAPPY, LOVING AND FRUITFUL RELATIONSHIP. Nobody wants to hang around with a SCORNFUL WOMAN. THERE IS NOTHING WORSE! Bitterness and being rejected from A previous BREAKUP or from a DIVORCE can leave many women and men scornful or bitter. Bitterness will SPOIL your changes of being BLESSED and Ruin your CHANGES TO FIND A TRUE LOVER who you will be totally in love with and who will totally love you too. If you remain with these feelings, emotions and thoughts in your heart, it will almost be impossible to find a man or woman who can LOVE YOU because you will always find FAULT WITH HIM OR HER.
  1. Now, there is ONE THING God said in this scripture that we SHOULD DO! Delight YOURSELF in the Lord and then If you Meditate day and night AND WHATSOEVER YOU DO SHALL PROSPER.When you as a man or a woman, will commit to staying focus on PREPARING yourself by meditating on Good things, think on Godly things,. After you have good thoughts, a vison inside of you what you want. You must take action and become a doer. Do what it takes, Go where God tells you to go. Look great on the outside and Look good on the inside through meditation.God will bless you. WHATEVER, YES, YES, YES, I SAID, “WHATEVER YOU DO SHALL PROSPER. Prosperity in your LOVE LIFE is possible. Are You WILLLING TO GET READY and BE ready for the love in your life that you have asked God for? I decree and declare that You will walk in the council of God, Stand in the way of God, Sit in the loving seat of God.Young lady, Mature woman, Young man, and Mature Man, You WILL BE fruitful, blessed, prosperous!The LOVE IN YOUR LIFE IS ON THE WAY, Get READY!

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