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Month: March 2016

Becoming HAPPY Again

Most people I know want to be happy. They want to feel good. If they don’t, there is something probably totally wrong with that picture. Happiness is really a state of mind. Many of us become happy when we get what we want. It brings that smile to our face. We can also become happy […] Read more…

Hung by the Tongue!

Have you ever tried to get money out of an ATM or tried to pay a bill and you came up with insufficient funds? You CANNOT withdraw from an account where you have NOT made sufficient DEPOSITS. Many of us are trying to get withdrawals out of LIFE situations where we have made no deposits. […] Read more…


EVERYBODY has made THEM! Yes, those “excuses or reasons” for not walking in their dreams, for not living their dream life or for NOT being the best they could be. But today is a NEW day and you right now can start over. I love fresh starts and NEW beginnings. You must NOT give up […] Read more…