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Pastor Coach Pamela R. Hart is a Transformational Life Coach who specializes in motivating, empowering and inspiring you to be great!

Her mastery is in helping women, to heal their inner heart. Both men and women who need healing from traumatic relationship experiences and co-dependent relationships often seek Pamela to help them establish healthy boundaries and self-love for themselves. Pamela offers group and Individual Coaching services.

Her life’s motto stems from her ministry and she teaches her Method.  Her “METHOD” stands for: (METHOD) Motivate, Empower, Teach, Honor, Overcoming, and Dominion. She encourages women and their families to use the METHOD for a successful life. At the end of the day, you have the power to walk in your destiny and to fulfill your purpose on the earth.


This is a place where your dreams can be given support. Grow your dreams Here with us!


5 steps to healing your heart

Pamela is the Author of three powerful books. You Can Get UP Again: 5 Steps to Healing your Heart, The Journal, 5 Steps to Healing, and Water Walkers. She uses her own life as a backdrop as she teaches and empowers Every woman who has lived through abuse to Get Up Again.  Buy Now on Amazon 


Let Pamela Hart, The Heart Mender, coach you to success in every area of your life. She will help you to clarify your goals, find the resources that you need to succeed, and help you to eradicate obstacles that stifle progress. Check out the MY SERVICES page.

Become an Author

Always wanted to become an Author? Well, here is your chance. Be a part of this premiere project. Join exceptional women who will join you in this book project. LEARN MORE

Testimonial“-Pastor Starr L. Williams Kansas USA” Pastor Pamela Hart is a wise woman with grand ideas and has immense spiritual knowledge. She has given me sound advice in times when I was going through issues with great confusion. Sometimes a person needs a confidant to talk things through and find that answer within which she has done with me. She is well learned and skilled in many areas so she has been able to help me in several areas of life. In areas of relationships she has helped me to think through, in health areas she has advised me, in goal setting areas and book writing she has coached me. Her achievements and personal learning’s has certainly allowed her to bea great asset as a professional and a woman of God in my life.Testimonial” -Agatha Fombo Zimbabwe, Africa” I would love to thank Rev Pamela Hart for coming into my life since August 2015 up to now. She supported me strongly I was in the middle of pain after losing all my businesses and personal belongings and with no gratuity from my former job. She held my hand and told me there is still hope in me to fulfill my dreams. I was so depressed and was even scared to come to South Africa to look for a job to look after myself and family. Sister Pamela counselled me over the phone and on whatsapp and sure enough I am here. Got a job quicker than I expected and I am healing my heart and I feel that I can still pursue my dreams and fulfill them with the help of coach Pamela Hart. Thank you so very much. I have more energy than ever before.
Testimonial” -Pastor Brandize Riggins Indiana USA”Pamela Hart takes what she does to heart. Her upbeat attitude and positive energy allows one to be comfortable in knowing that they can dig deep on the inside and pull out the answers that are already inside of them. She is exceptional at what she does!Testimonial” -Elect Lady G. Willingham Georgia USA”I thank God for the gifts that He placed within my dear sister and friend. Her ministry gift, along with her gift of love, really helped me as I went through my divorce. The words she spoke as well as the advice she gave helped me to get through, and reinforced my value and self worth. Thank you Pastor Hart for your labor of love that will be greatly rewarded.